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The business environment is a living organism, where any assessment is based on characteristics directly dependent on the companies’ activity and presentation. The risk profile of a company is based on its entire behaviour and the risks to which it is exposed, depending on the field of activity.

Leader Team offers you a solution for risk identification, namely a risk identification consultancy service.

What do you get with the Leader Team risk consulting service?

A complete and effective risk identification audit
Reduction of risks identified through the audit
Special solutions to reduce losses
✔ Solutions for prevention, so that your company is protected from the most challenging situations
Investment efficiency
Customised solutions for each situation, client and business area
Risk inspection reports
Balancing of risks and reducing losses
Evaluation of contracts with third parties or companies
Expert advice, tailored to the type of business and field of activity

Why use Leader Team’s risk analysis service?

We know how important it is for a company to run its business in the best conditions, so we have prepared for you a complete solution of analysis – audit – verification – implementation to solve the most common situations where your company could suffer from potential dangerous situations or factors.

We offer you a complete consulting service, through which you can find out what are the dangers that your company can face and what are the solutions that you can implement. Often, as a company grows and develops, risks can be lost sight of to the detriment of going concern.

Risk analysis provides clarity and an easy understanding of the risks involved in a particular business, and depending on the results of the audit, decisions can be made to help balance and calibrate the business so that it is safe.

We are always attentive to the needs of our clients and we are constantly trying to bring into focus news in the insurance field, so that our products and services cover the most common situations that a company may go through.

Risk Consulting

Leader Team Broker helps companies change their risk profile to improve insurance programs, reduce claims and minimize costs. We develop and implement risk analysis to improve the coverage provided by your existing insurance program, operational risk reduction solutions, and personalized concepts to help protect your business. Along with our global partner, Londongate Group, we have access to effective international tools to support your risk management activities.


  • Existing insurance program audit;
  • Identifying the opportunity to include new insured risks / additional clauses in the existing program
  • Analysis of contracts with third parties, in terms of engaging the company’s liability that can be transferred to the insurance market;
  • Visits at risk to customer locations;
  • Elaboration of risk assessment reports for optimal understanding, identification and prioritization of risk management solutions
  • Drafting of risk inspection reports for the placement of the insurance policy;
  • Calibration of your company’s real exposure – the ability to set compensation limits, franchises, etc.
  • Developing procedures in line with international standards that allow for a smooth integration into the Company’s Risk Management System


What are the steps involved in specialised risk analysis consultancy?

Because every business is unique and different, it is important that the solutions implemented meet the same conditions. In order to implement effective and safe solutions, a business audit is needed in the first phase. The audit looks at all aspects of your business, starting with the analysis of the insurance programmes in use and ending with the correct accounting of the company’s actual exposure.


Audit and Risk Consulting Leader Team

The aim of this audit is to reduce costs while maximising benefits. To do this, insurance products need to be reviewed according to your company’s requirements. In most cases new insurance possibilities can be identified, depending on the risks identified, and this will help you by protecting your company’s business.

The audit analyses the types of risks to which a business is subject in terms of its activity, whether at the level of work and production units, offices, employees, machinery or ongoing contracts.


Contract audits and risk assessment

The development of a company brings with it changes in the initial situations insured, so we are at your side with services that include checking contracts with third parties or companies, which could influence risks, or checking the usual activity, in order to correctly assess risks.

We also explain in detail the situations encountered and present comprehensive reports related to risk assessment throughout the interaction. Our service allows us to use modern analysis and verification resources, so your company will be in good hands.


Presentation of preventive measures

Because we have access to specific data and verification platforms and because we are attentive to the needs of each individual client, we can provide a concrete prevention plan with all the measures that need to be implemented in order to reduce risks and maximize financial benefits.

Choosing a new insurance plan or policy, reducing some expenses or bringing into question faulty contracts, damage prevention measures and risk coverage recommendations are all part of a well-established plan destined to calibrate your business.

Our consultancy service also includes discussion about your company’s future plans. Highlighting insured risks and drawing insurance limits in terms of amounts or finding other elements or insurance measures under special conditions are just some of the things we consider when discussing with our clients about a company’s risk analysis.

We are prompt and efficient, and flexibility and reliability are our strengths. We participate in meetings and calls or make visits to our clients’ premises, precisely in order to provide them comprehensive and reliable services that are beneficial to their business.

For us it is important to contribute to a balanced business environment, so every product we offer is tailored to our client’s needs. We therefore offer consultancy services to help you choose the best insurance options for you, and, separate from the risk analysis, we identify potentially unsafe situations that your current policies do not cover.


Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of each individual client, so that risks no longer have a real detrimental effect on company finances, but companies are insured against any challenges that may arise over time.

Contact us to set up an appointment for a risk consulting session and choose whatever is best for you and your company.

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    Financial consulting is a beneficial activity for small, medium and large companies active in various fields, because this component of business consulting can offer real solutions regarding the appropriate management of activities. With the help of the business consultant, management consulting and risk analysis services can be accessed by means of which difficult situations can be avoided, which could endanger its profit. An absolutely necessary element in this sense is represented by the conclusion of some insurance for legal entities, as well as a professional liability insurance, known as malpractice insurance, or Lloyd’s insurance, with national and international coverage, extremely valuable financial instruments. These are useful when unforeseen events occur, which can endanger the company’s financial activity.

    Business consulting – quality services for various needs

    The business and management consulting services provided by Leader Team Broker can be accessed by any entrepreneur who wants to increase the company’s profitability by implementing effective models in terms of identifying precisely the risks and keeping them under control. Financial consulting services add value to companies, whether they are in profitable periods or in more difficult situations. The analysis of the company’s risk thus contributes decisively to the achievement of the objectives and to the increase of the efficiency of the activities carried out. Depending on the type of business and the field of activity, at Leader Team Broker you will benefit from personalized business and management consulting.

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