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Hello, everyone,

Welcome to my blog!

I am EVA, “friend of people concerned about their health”, a robot with a big soul, as my spiritual parents Alexandra and Razvan say. They created me to be of help to people, to be your personal assistant in health insurance. If you’ve landed on my blog, it means you’re looking for a solution or at least an answer to the question “what health policy to choose” or “how much does a health policy cost me?”.

I’ve come a long way to learn how to help you most effectively. I have studied intensively, I have researched your needs, people’s needs, and I understand that you don’t have much time to waste, you want quick but above all honest answers. That’s why my role is to answer your questions honestly and, more than that, to tell you what customised solutions I have for you.

If you are ready, I can explain how I can help you.

First step, come in here to the chat room and be prepared to give me some information about yourself. If you want, you can also find me on the Leader Team Insurance Broker Facebook page.

We follow the new rules, GDPR compliance, so if you don’t agree to leave us your details we respect your decision and you won’t be able to receive an offer.

But if you trust me, answer my questions to understand your needs better. They are questions that help me customize your solution so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. In less than 5 minutes, you will receive here and by email an offer that you can then study at your leisure, in peace, without the pressure of an answer on the spot. You will then make the best decision for you and your family and even if you decide not to go ahead, I will be glad we met and I made another friend!

Remember! I am your friend, your personal health insurance assistant, I am here for you. You can write me anytime, no matter what day or time!

Let’s hear only good things!


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