Health insurance for employees


Employee health insurance – Put employee health first!

Fringe benefits are becoming increasingly important in today’s job market. In recent years, employee health insurance has become a popular requirement for accepting job offers, along with employee life insurance or work accident insurance.

Performance in the workplace depends on optimal physical and mental health, and a package that includes employee health insurance is evidence of management’s appreciation and concern for those who work in the company.

Health insurance for your employees – Why choose insurance from Leader Team?

The advantages are not only for those who will benefit from such policies, but also for the companies that facilitate them. Employee health insurance contributes to staff retention, lower stress levels when employees need medical care, and shorter sick leave periods.

With so many options on the market, but also potential pitfalls, how can companies select an employee health insurance that will really help in most situations?

Leader Team brings together the best experts in the field to help you create the best health insurance benefits package for your company’s employees!

Employee motivation and retention solution

Advantageous prices and flexible plans

Friendly and efficient customer support

Employee health insurance - Direct in-network or out-of-network reimbursement 100%

Specialised assistance significantly reduces the risk of encountering difficulties when it comes to settling services – that’s why we offer advice and support throughout the period the policy is active. Employees can settle their expenses directly in the network or receive 100% out-of-network reimbursement, which offers significant flexibility for beneficiaries.

Private health insurance for employees - Coverage and monitoring including chronic/pre-existing conditions

With policies selected through the Leader Team, even chronic or pre-existing conditions are covered. Employees have the possibility to monitor their known or newly discovered conditions through regular check-ups and quality investigations at authorised clinics.

Health insurance for employees - Support via call-center or partner app

The Leader Team offers medical claims assistance. Our customer service professionals provide support throughout the entire duration of the policy – from creating the necessary documentation to guaranteeing the amount reimbursed by the insurer after the treatment is completed. Beneficiaries can use the insurer’s apps, compatible with iOS or Android, to make appointments.

Medical insurance for employees – Support even in complex cases through dedicated departments

In order to maintain the well-being of employees in the workplace, the management of a company can opt for a legal entity insurance.

The conditions under which the beneficiary of the insurance is compensated are determined when the policy is taken out – our consultant will provide the company with employee insurance covering various situations, depending on the field of activity, needs or requirements.

Unforeseen or complex situations can be handled through the Leader Team’s claims consultancy service – our team specialises in resolving problems as quickly and satisfactorily as possible for the beneficiary.

What services does employee health insurance cover?

Outpatient – Consultations and check-ups
Outpatient – Laboratory tests
Outpatient – MRI, CT investigations
Outpatient – Day hospitalisation
Telemedicine – Consultations and check-ups
Second medical opinion
Hospitalisation and surgery

Frequently asked questions about health insurance for employees

1. Who can take out an employee health insurance policy?

Any company in Romania can take out such policies for its employees.

2. What are the advantages for an employer when deciding to offer health insurance to employees?

This managerial decision contributes to employee retention, reduced stress in case of illness and shorter sick leave periods. The employer can also gain tax advantages by deducting income tax for the contribution.

3. Is it compulsory for the employer to offer health insurance to employees?

Health care benefits are optional for most employers, but critically important for employees. Whether health insurance is absolutely necessary to attract and retain the most qualified staff will often depend on the extra pay offers of the company’s direct competitors.

4. What should an employee do in case of a medical emergency?

The employee should make an appointment at the clinic he/she wants to go to. Afterwards, he must notify the insurer at least 24 hours before the appointment date – so that the company and the clinic can send the authorisation form. As soon as the beneficiary receives this document, he can attend the appointment without any problems.

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