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General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

The activities we carry out can influence those around us and sometimes unwanted situations may occur. Of course we are ready to respond at any time using emotional intelligence and empathy, but in some cases it is not enough.

Why choose a policy from Leader Team Broker?

We understand the need to protect those around us with more than just excuses
We know that the unexpected does not wait for us to be prepared
We offer complete solutions for any type of situation
We are prompt and quickly analyze situations that require coverage of an incident

What are the risks covered by a General liability insurance?

Material damages or legal costs that you have to pay to third parties as a result of potential incidents
Expenses related to bodily injuries caused to third parties as a result of an incident for which you are responsible
Costs related to court formalities
Possible additional risks provided by the policy concluded in accordance with the requirements of a beneficiary – usually apply to companies.

What are the most common types of liability insurance?

Civil liability refers to the liability we have towards third parties or as a result of an activity performed. As we interact more and more we need to be prepared for the cases in which some incidents could influence our lives. Here are some examples:

General &Professional Liability insurance for service providers

When you buy a service or a product or when you sell it, an important feature and a need in itself is that the reception of products or services is done without problems. Additionally, it is necessary that after the reception, you enjoy the desired product for a long period of time without it encountering hidden problems or vices.

Most frequently  these situations are found in the case of production workshops, constructions and interior design, in the case of laundries and dry cleaners or in the case of repair shops. These are just some of the situations that a liability insurance can cover.

Employers Liability insurance in the employer-employee relationship

You already know that it is important to consider all the requirements of labor protection and labor medicine but you certainly know that the unforeseen may happen even while complying with these requirements.

For the situations in which the employee suffers an accident during the work processes there is the civil liability insurance for the employees. Thus, during the period covered by insurance, you will no longer have to worry about unforeseen expenses that arise from work accidents or company fault.

Product & manufacturer liability insurance for producers

No matter how hard we try to create products that do not harm human health in any way, there are situations in which things can be different. This type of insurance is addressed to manufacturers who offer products that can harm users.

If you want an example in this regard, imagine a candle production workshop which, although certified, in a certain context may function differently. Uncontrolled melting, excessively released sparks are just two examples that can cause damage on the users, that the insurance can cover. The same happens with any other type of product, precisely because it is really unfortunate that for a small incident you can not properly compensate the end user.

Tenant Liability insurance for tenant and landlord

This type of insurance can be established both by the tenant towards the landlord and vice versa. The civil liability insurance of this type covers the situations in which damages or deteriorations appear at the level of the rented and exploited spaces.

Each type of civil liability is different and can give you the opportunity to accumulate certain types of coverage, but for this you need to discuss in advance with the consultant who issues the policy. In this way you can more easily identify what your needs are in relation to your current lifestyle and activities, so that it covers as well as possible the situations you are going through.

There is a wide range of beneficiaries the civil liability insurance policies address to, from production agents to commercial services, from office spaces to professional units and offices. Leader Team Broker civil liability insurance is designed to cover every situation, without the need to supplement budgets to cover certain unwanted situations.

No matter how careful we are in everyday life it is impossible to predict certain things. We can not predict the future, nor can we change it. We can’t protect ourselves from certain difficult situations no matter how much we want to, so the only solution is to be prepared for them.

Beyond caring only for ourselves, a civil liability insurance draws attention to the care of others because, inevitably, living together there may be situations when our actions may affect those around us.

Leader Team Broker general and professional liability insurance protects your business

We put a lot of emphasis on the insurance offered at company level because we know how difficult it is to solve and deal with a situation in which an employee is injured. Therefore, we offer you an insurance that takes care of the profit of your business but also of your employees, so that your care is directed to the employee.

Leader Team Broker general and professional liability insurance protects your money, but at the same time it protects your relationships. Sometimes, simple excuses are not enough, especially when we are talking about personal injury or other types of incidents. To go beyond verbal apologies, the insurance helps you maintain professional relationships and avoid unpleasant situations in which you or your business might be involved.

Choose Leader Team Broker liability insurance and protect the really important things. Call us and let’s find together the best solution for your needs.

Example of Insurance requests

During the Term and for two years thereafter, Service Provider shall, at its own expense, maintain and carry insurance in full force and effect with insurance companies having an AM Best rating of A-/VII or better, that includes, but is not limited to, commercial general liability with limits no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate, including bodily injury and property damage and completed operations and advertising liability, which policy will include contractual liability coverage insuring the activities of Service Provider under this Agreement.

If it shall have any employees providing services for Customer that involves the use of an automobile, Service Provider shall also provide evidence of Automobile Liability with a minimum combined single limit of $1,000,000. If it shall have any employees providing services for Customer, Service Provider shall also provide statutory workers ; compensation insurance and employer’s liability with limits no less than $500,000 bodily injury accident and $500,000 bodily injury by disease each employee covering those employees. Service Provider shall provide Customer with a certificate of insurance from Service Provider insurer evidencing the insurance coverage specified in this Agreement.

The certificate of insurance shall name Customer as an additional insured with respect to the commercial general liability, automobile liability and umbrella liability policies (as applicable). Service Provider shall provide Customer with 30 days advance written notice in the event of a cancellation or material change in Service Provider insurance policy(ies). Except where prohibited by law, Service Provider shall require its insurer to waive all rights of subrogation against Customer insurers and Customer or the Indemnified Parties.

At Leader Team Broker, we understand the importance of protecting your business from various risks and liabilities. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of insurance solutions to safeguard your interests. Our insurance coverage includes commercial general liability, which provides protection against property damage liability and bodily injury claims. We also offer umbrella liability insurance, which acts as an additional layer of coverage for unexpected events beyond the limits of your primary policies. In addition, our management liability and directors and officers liability insurance safeguard your business against claims related to corporate governance, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property rights and privacy. Furthermore, our employment practices liability insurance addresses potential risks associated with employee-related claims. With our media liability and advertising liability coverage, you can protect your business from claims arising from defamation, copyright infringement, or advertising-related disputes. Trust Leader Team Broker to provide you with the comprehensive insurance coverage you need for peace of mind.

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