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Does your company sell products on WAYFAIR?

Are you obliged by WAYFAIR to make a liability insurance policy?

SOLUTION: Leader Team Broker has a special product created with insurers from the international market LLOYD’S (Rating A+) of London for any companies from Europe that sell products on WAYFAIR.

Our policy covers WAYFAIR’s request:

  • General Liability Insurance $1 Million- $1M per occurrence coverage
  • General Liability Insurance $2 Million- $2M general aggregate (you can reach the $2M general aggregate by purchasing an umbrella policy)
  • Additional Insured : Wayfair LLC (Not Wayfair, LLC) is listed as additional insured in the Additional Remarks box and ADDL INSR box is checked
  • Certificate Holder : we issue Acord certificate as is WAYFAIR’s request
  • Worldwide coverage: Our insurance policy has coverage anywhere in the world (including the US and Canada). Wherever you trade on WAYFAIR you will be covered.
  • Simple and fast: Leader Team consultants work with questionnaires that are very easy to complete and can get a price quote in just 48 hours
  • Affordable prices
  • 100% Guarantee: our policies have an A + rating. Lloyd’s Market has 85 insurers and was established 332 years ago and was rated “A +” by the independent rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings (we have the professional experience and the highest quality in the world);


✔ You gain time – Leader Team represents you in the discussion with all insurers and negotiates for you the most advantageous offers, depending on your needs. We have all the insurance solutions from Lloyd’s

✔ Consulting: through the discussion with the Leader Team consultants you will find out which are the best solutions for you

✔ Claims Assistance – Leader Team has created an internal claims department to support all customers regardless of the insurer and insurance product chosen.

✔ Simple and fast: we will contact you in maximum 24 hours and you will work directly with our colleagues who are in contact with the best insurance specialists dedicated to your field. We have easy-to-fill questionnaires and we will get a quote for you quickly;

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    I agree that the data completed above will be processed by LEADER TEAM BROKER DE ASIGURARE SRL and the contractual partners (through which we process and transmit your communications and which will also comply with the GDPR provisions) for the purpose of the LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR COMPANIES WITH BUSINESS ON THE WAYFAIR PLATFORM.Find out more

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    Alexandra Elena Durbaca
    International Insurance Specialist


    “Very happy with the communication and the swift responses and service overall. We got the job done in just 48 hours. Searching for this services took more time :).
    The offering was tailored exactly to the Amazon requirements. This was exactly what we need and it was really no brainer.
    We were also offered several options and received good explanation in order to take informed business decision.
    I will recommend this broker to others.”

    Nikolay Fesliyski

    “Leader team is an amazing insurance company! We contacted them, along with some other insurance companies from Europe, in order to provide us with a product liability insurance policy for amazon. The people of leader team know exactly what the requirements of this subject are. Apart from providing us with the best offer of all other insurance companies we asked, they answered our every question immediately and they quickly drafted the type of the contract amazon asks. Although we had some issues that benefited from the usual rigidity of amazon, Leader team solved them all and finally our contract was accepted. Warm congratulations and many thanks to Alexandra!


    EMMANUELA – Handcrafted for you

    “I needed a liability insurance for my Amazon FBA business. There are not a lot of options for European companies selling in US. Leaderteam was fast to send me a quote (which was OK). The insurance certificate issued got also verified by Amazon. Well done!
    PS. Also their customer service is great – friendly and proactive. After sending the insurance certificate they called me to make sure all is OK and supported me on getting the insurance certificate verified by Amazon.”

    Dan Murumets

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