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Are you a company active on IT field?

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SOLUTION: Leader Team Broker has access to all liability insurance products for the IT&C domain from insurers in the international market LLOYD’S (London).

We have complex policies that include:

  • Professional indemnity (Errors and Omissions);
  • Public / General liability;
  • Cyber (Cyber and Cyber crime);

Affordable prices: prices start from 550 Eur / year

✔ Liability limits according to your needs: we can offer limits between 100,000 euros – 25 million euros depending on your degree of risk and exposure;

National and international coverage: our policies are accepted by all clients / beneficiaries (from abroad and from Romania) who request liability insurance in commercial contracts. We have coverage anywhere in the world (including the US and Canada);

Simple and fast Leader Team consultants work with questionnaires that are easy to complete and you can get a quote in just 48 hours

100% Guarantee: our policies have an A + rating. Lloyd’s Market has 85 insurers and was established 332 years ago and was rated “A +” by the independent rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings (we have the professional experience and the highest quality in the world);

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    1.You do not provide any payment processing or POS technology, banking payment technology, live financial trading software, health information processing or storage, gaming or gambling soft-ware, control systems automation, biometrics, air traffic control solutions, industrial automation, space technology, managed services or wearable technology.
    2. You do not own, access or process in excess of 250,000 PII /PHI/PCI records.
    3. You have anti-virus software installed and enabled on all desktops, laptops and servers (exclud-ing database servers) and it is updated on
    a regular basis.
    4. You have firewalls installed on all external gateways.
    5. You take regular back-ups (at least weekly) of all critical data and store the same offsite or in a fire-proof safe, or your outsourced service
    provider meets this requirement.
    6. Less than 25% of your revenue is derived from work subject to US contracts/law.
    7. You do not have any contracts with annual contract fee or overall project value exceeding 750,000.
    8. You have not received more than a total 2m in funding.
    9. You do not have remote access to a client network through remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, virtual private network (VPN) or any other means

    Select your activity domain!

    Web design /developmentSoftware Development/ Maintenance/ Testing / IntegrationIT consulting/ project managementIT StaffingUX/UI DesignSoftware/hardware repair/maintenanceHardware/software resellerIT Support/helpdeskNetwork design and administrationSoftware/ hardware installationPCB Design & TestingOther

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    ✔ You gain time – Leader Team represents you in the discussion with all insurers and negotiates for you the most advantageous offers, depending on your needs. We have all the insurance solutions that exist in Romania and internationally for your field;
    ✔ Earn money – You no longer have to take out 3 policies and pay 3 times more; now all the responsibilities you need can be combined and included on our policy. We can make cost reductions of up to 60%;
    ✔ Free consulting: through the discussion with the Leader Team consultants you will find out which are the best solutions for you on the national and international market;
    ✔ Claims Assistance – Leader Team has created an internal claims department to support all customers regardless of the insurer and insurance product chosen.
    ✔ Simple and fast: we will contact you in maximum 24 hours and you will work directly with our colleagues who are in contact with the best insurance specialists dedicated to the IT field. We have free advice, easy-to-fill questionnaires and we will get a quote for you quickly;
    The police also include the payment of GDPR fines as a result of a cyber attack.

    IT insurance

    The IT field is one of the most important today, on which almost every segment of entrepreneurial activity depends heavily. Because it’s such a widely used field, it’s absolutely common to insure yourself and your business for situations where mistakes or small oversights that can affect your business occur. For this, Leader Team IT insurance is exactly the solution you need.

    What does IT Leader Team Broker insurance offer you?

    • A measure of protection against error, omission or negligence situations occurring from the moment the insurance is taken out
    • Advice on choosing the best insurance solution depending on your company’s level of development and potential situations requiring coverage
    • Support and assistance from the moment of notification of damage
    • Customised costs, depending on your needs
    • Quick settlement of amounts according to the policy
    • Time saved for you and your business


    What does Leader Broker Team IT insurance cover?

    • Cyberattack damage cover
    • Human error damage cover
    • Coverage for situations of omission, mistake or negligence that can damage a company’s business
    • Cover for own damage arising from cyberattacks
    • Insurance for buildings and IT infrastructure
    • Insurance for IT employees
    • Electronic equipment insurance
    • Loss or theft of documents, under the contractual conditions established.


    The online development of companies is a real necessity nowadays, because in the current context we need the development that this field offers us. This way, your business is protected at all times, without having to stop operating.

    Especially for the IT sector we have solutions ready to cover the most disadvantageous situations that your business or your employees can go through. Our solutions are accessible regardless of the characteristics of your company: number of employees or turnover.


    IT insurance – a complete solution for your business

    To help you save money when choosing the right insurance product, we focus on identifying your needs. Thus, we can offer you the following types of insurance:


    IT liability insurance

    Your company is liable when certain problematic situations arise, such as financial damage caused by poor project management, errors or omissions or actions of employees. Leader Team’s IT liability insurance is designed to cover proven situations of inefficient IT data management and operations involving the use of the internet, including situations related to certain aspects of GDPR.

    Within this type of insurance, coverage elements such as network security can also be opted for, whereby data security and copyright can be protected.


    IT insurance for buildings and equipment

    IT insurance can also be extended to buildings and equipment and buildings, as these can also be at risk. You can therefore, with the help of IT insurance, enjoy a backup in terms of fire, vandalism, natural calamities and disasters, explosions or aircraft crashes.


    It is particularly important to insure your assets, especially if we are talking about a segment as developed as the IT area. Equipment, in most cases particularly expensive, requires insurance for the most common cases in which it can be affected by hazards.

    In addition to the usual dangers, you can insure your equipment also for misuse, such as employee negligence or carelessness. There are situations where incorrect use of equipment and devices can even damage other companies, through loss or failure of information systems, in which case IT insurance will definitely be necessary.


    IT health insurance

    If you want to take care of your employees and protect their health, you can also take out a health insurance policy. This is designed to cover a range of medical situations, such as certain types of surgery or hospitalisation in certain medical facilities or units.

    It can also cover dental or preventative interventions, out-patient or doctor’s practices and can also cover routine check-ups or tests and examinations required in certain situations.


    IT insurance for cars

    Your company’s cars are as important as any of its equipment, so they can be insured too, in case they are vandalised, stolen or attacked. You can opt for CASCO (fully comprehensive car insurance policy) or RCA (mandatory car insurance) insurance depending on your needs.

    You will then be able to protect your company’s movable assets, because they are the basis of the interaction today and dangers are therefore present at all times. The car IT insurance we offer is flexible and allows you to consider the situations you need to insure, depending on the known risks of the company.

    Advantages of Leader Team IT insurance

    The most advantageous aspect of an IT insurance is the very form of protection it implies. You will know that your company, your assets, and in some cases even your employees are protected, and that your business will be able to operate even if some less pleasant events occur.


    Your company’s activity is not endangered in the event of one of the insured events, which increases your clients’ confidence in your company. We know that the IT segment depends a lot on the activity of countless companies, which rely on consulting services or on products, equipment or resources developed in this field, and IT insurance is designed to provide you a safety net that protects an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    We offer you comprehensive insurance services and consultancy solutions to help you benefit from the best policies that cover your needs. We also offer you support in choosing the right insurance and additional policies, so that everything about your company runs smoothly and the companies you work for are not affected.

    We are there for you at all times and will come to your rescue with fast compensation in case of damage, according to the insurance you take out with us. We value your business, so all you have to do is turn to us to find the best coverage solutions for you through an IT insurance.

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