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LEADER TEAM BROKER in partnership with insurers from LLOYD’S market has created especially for the companies in Romania the first insurance product that covers the cyber attacks and  GDPR fines.  We cover companies form any area


43% of small and large companies reported in 2019 security incidents or cyber attacks.

60% of small companies will go bankrupt after the first cyber attack.

According to the FBI, 4000 redemption attacks are launched globally daily.

97% of the attacks could have been avoided, using basic security protocols.

Appropriate security measures can be taken to prevent your business from becoming just another number in a statistic.


We have complex policies that include:

  • All the costs of a cyber risk
  • payment of GDPR fines following a cyber attack
  • the costs related to the restoration of the reputation (the costs with a PR-ist)
  • replacement of hardware and software systems if they have been affected
  • costs related to the interruption of the activity (loss of profit due to the interruption of operations)

Affordable prices
✔ Limits of liability according to your needs: we can offer limits depending on your degree of risk and exposure;
✔ National and international coverage: our policies are accepted by all the clients / beneficiaries (from abroad and from Romania) who request liability insurance in commercial contracts. We have coverage anywhere in the world (including the US and Canada);
✔ Simple and fast – Leader Team consultants work with very easy-to-fill questionnaires and you can get a quote in just 48 hours
✔ 100% Guarantee: our policies have an A + rating. Lloyd’s Market has 85 insurers and was established 332 years ago and was rated “A +” by the independent rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings (we have the professional experience and the highest quality in the world);
The policy also includes the payment of GDPR


✔ You gain time – Leader Team represents you in the discussion with all insurers and negotiates for you the most advantageous offers, depending on your needs. We have all the insurance solutions that exist in Romania and internationally for your field;

✔ Earn money – You no longer have to take out 3 policies and pay 3 times more; now all the responsibilities you need can be combined and included on our policy. We can make cost reductions of up to 60%;

✔ Free consulting: through the discussion with the Leader Team consultants you will find out which are the best solutions for you on the national and international market;

✔ Claims Assistance – Leader Team has created an internal claims department to support all customers regardless of the insurer and insurance product chosen.

✔ Simple and fast: we will contact you in maximum 24 hours and you will work directly with our colleagues who are in contact with the best insurance specialists dedicated to the IT field. We have free advice, easy-to-fill questionnaires and we will get a quote for you quickly;

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    Alexandra Elena Durbaca
    International Cyber Specialist


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    Akın ÇARKÇI – General Manager, Hungary

    Turkish Airlines Inc.

    “The support and consultancy provided by Leader Team for MovingBox had a major impact on our business, everyone being insured, from employees and collaborators to partners, customers and even third parties. Besides the professionalism they show, empathy and understanding are qualities that you find in them, although it is difficult to identify them in today’s business. MovingBox strongly recommends the Leader Team.”

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