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Life Insurance

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Life is sprinkled with joys, successes and plans, but it is constantly burdened by the unexpected.

The same unforeseen can put you in difficult situations, for which you will need help.

Your ally can be the life insurance from Leader Team Broker, which covers the most challenging situations you may face.


Why choose life insurance from Leader Team Broker?

We are attentive and treat seriously your need to insure against the unexpected
We are open and provide answers to the most common questions.
We offer fast support and help you to overcome difficult moments
We offer support under the insurance policy to direct beneficiaries in case of death
We believe in protection and advocate prevention

What risks does the life insurance policy cover?

A life insurance policy is designed to work both as a savings plan and to cover various unfortunate and undesirable situations. Thus, the insurance policy covers the following risks:

  • Risk of death
  • The risk of temporary or permanent disability as a result of accidents or illnesses
  • Inability to work
  • Hospitalisation (as a result of illness or accident)
  • Surgical operations following illness or accident.
  • Serious illnesses or conditions with a high degree of severity
  • Burns, fractures or injuries that limit working capacity

Throughout life we set goals and want to grow spiritually, develop professionally and find peace and fulfillment in a family of our own. Somehow, life seems centered around ME, but in reality life, with all its challenges, is not just about you, it is also about what you leave behind.

Extrapolating, the same can be said about life insurance. Life insurance is about you personally, but it’s not about you, it’s about what you leave behind. It is about how you help, in the event of an unforeseen and unfortunate event, those who can no longer benefit from your presence and therefore from your help.

Why choose life insurance from Leader Team Broker?

Of all types of insurance, life insurance is the most difficult to take out. Of course, we don’t mean from the point of view of the documentation itself, but from the point of view of the fact that you have to take into account events that nobody wants. However, we are convinced that in the event of unforeseen events you would want your loved ones to benefit from financial help, so we offer you the possibility to take out life insurance that covers even the most difficult situations.

Life insurance doesn’t just cover death, although that’s what you tend to think of when you first hear the term insurance. You must be aware that we cannot know the future and therefore you have no way of knowing if tomorrow will be the same as today. Risks are everywhere and you should understand that life insurance can cover even the most difficult situations, such as loss of ability to work or disability.

We often tend to feel in control of our own power and refuse to see things clearly. It is certainly not easy to imagine a future in which you cannot make your own income, in which the idea of “providing for the family” fades away or even a future in which you no longer exist. Realistically, however, life insurance is exactly the solution you should consider.

Types of life insurance we offer

We have life insurance policies ready for you to provide a safety net at all times, whatever the nature of the challenges you face. So we offer you the following options from which you can make your own personal choice, which may be of use to you.

Life insurance and protection

This type of insurance covers the risks of illness, injury and death. This policy is the product you need if you want your family to benefit from compensation if your life is affected by one of the above events. The life insurance and protection policy will not be able to cover hospitalisation or treatment, as this product is offered separately as a health insurance policy.

Life and investment insurance

You must be thinking about earning a passive income in addition to what you already earn financially through your salary. If you want your money to work for you, then life insurance and investments is the right solution, as you will be able to use part of your money in investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, etc.), while in case of unforeseen events, you or your family will enjoy financial compensation.

It is important to understand that the money you choose to invest must be held to its final contractual value for optimal results. However, in the event of your death, your family will be able to use the value of the sum assured plus the value of the investment account.

Life insurance with savings

Similar to a life insurance and investment policy, the savings plan helps you put money aside. To enjoy the amount you save, the policy period must have reached maturity, but the major benefit of this policy is that you choose how much money you save. The instrument is especially beneficial for your family, as it will help you save while feeling protected, and it can be a good exercise in financial discipline that can also pay off.

Life and accident insurance

Whether we’re talking about accidents at work or accidents at home, it’s good to know that you can rely on help while you’re already struggling with the worries of recovery. Focus on what’s important and let insurance work for you and help you just when you need it most.

Life insurance for children

This type of insurance is for parents who want to create an economic-investment plan for their children that guarantees them a certain amount of money when they grow up. Some policies can be structured in such a way that children can receive financial support in the event of the parents’ death or accidents.

Leader Team Broker life insurance benefits

Surely such an insurance plan is important for each of us, but if we were to capture in a few lines the advantages of this life insurance, then they would look like this:

– a life insurance also helps you in case of accident

– in case of death of the holder, a life insurance helps your family to benefit from the insured amount

– flexibility in choosing the right policy for your needs and plans

– lower costs, personalised offers.

Health and life are probably the most important things, but we often realise this quite late. Our life insurance offer reminds you that the unexpected can happen at any time and that it is more important to be prepared than to be surprised. Don’t ignore the importance of life insurance, but consider all the details that could help you or your loved ones if you can’t be there to help them.

Life insurance is not about waiting for fatality, nor is it about living the salt marsh story. A life insurance is actually the courage to be prepared and the example set to those around you by accepting life with good or less pleasant events.

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