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Private medical insurance in Romania and anywhere in the world!

The Leader Team works to find the best solutions to cover the necessary expenses for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Leader Team Broker can help you with personalized packages, composed according to the available budget and the needs you have, so that you can make the right choice for you.

Having contracts with over 800 clinics in Romania and over 5,000 clinics in the world, we will create the best price-quality ratio offers for you. Thus, the whole family can benefit from the best possible treatment, without worrying about expenses.

Why get medical health insurance through Leader Team?

Local and international insurance at favorable prices

Personalized services for you and your family

No referral ticket, no waiting times

Health insurance through Leader Team – Covered services

Outpatient medical services
(consultations, blood tests, preventive tests, medical investigations, MRI, CT, day hospitalization, and others)
Hospitalization medical services
(accommodation, surgical interventions, investigations, imaging, analyzes all during hospitalization)
Medical recovery services and psychologist sessions
Medical services and treatment in case of serious illnesses
(cancer, heart disease, and others)

Private health insurance – benefits for individuals

Private health insurance gives you the opportunity to choose the level of care you receive, how and when it is offered to you, covering part or all of the amount needed for medical services.

And, because we know how important it is to act quickly, private health insurance offers you the opportunity to go to any authorized clinic you want.

For packages at the national level, there are no geographical limitations. We also offer products that cover medical services internationally, without limitations.

Health insurance at advantageous prices and flexible payments

Thanks to the flexible payment system, you can pay the required amount monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Health insurance policies taken out through Leader Team can be priced from as little as 4 lei per day, which means that anyone can access quality medical services without having to pay much more than the available budget.

Benefit from private health insurance with no referral ticket or waiting time

If in the case of medical subscriptions the waiting time is very long, with insurance, you can schedule an appointment immediately, directly with the specialist of your choice. This eliminates the need for a referral from a family doctor for a consultation or a referral to a general practitioner for certain investigations. You’ll get the treatment you need much faster and through a much simpler procedure!

Private health insurance with national and international coverage

Our products have full coverage – in Romania or in any country in the world. We have in our portfolio all health products from local and international insurers such as Allianz, Groupama, Asirom, Signal Iduna, Omniasig, Eurolife, AXA Health, April, Generali Health, Bupa, Cigna.

Health insurance for children and adults

Having a lower immunity and being more often exposed to various pathologies than adults, children need extra protection and quality medical treatment. Our health insurance plans allow children to be insured independently or together with their parent(s) – the only condition is that the child is over 1 year old.

Friendly and efficient customer support with medical health insurance from Leader Team

Our customers benefit from 24/7 support, with our customer support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialists will guide you through the whole process, from the preparation of your medical file to the reimbursement of your costs after the treatment.

Benefit from Leader Team's iDoctor health insurance telemedicine service

If you are unsure of your diagnosis or treatment, you can consult doctors abroad for a second medical opinion. With Doctor in my pocket or Second Medical Opinion telemedicine services, you have unlimited access to virtual consultations with international doctors via video conference.

Insurance policy Private clinic subscription
100% in-network and out-of-network coverage Services only at the clinic you signed the contract with
National coverage with over 800 clinics in Romania No national coverage at any clinic
Full outpatient acute and acute acute outpatient on chronic or pre-existing conditions Does not provide full outpatient services for chronic or pre-existing conditions
Full consultations with general practitioners and specialists Not all medical consultation services fully covered
Full laboratory tests No laboratory tests fully covered
Imaging (CT, MRI, etc.) – unlimited coverage Imaging services not covered in full Imaging services not covered in full
Functional examinations – unlimited Does not include functional examinations
Ambulance services Ambulance service not included
Out-patient surgery covered in full Out-patient surgery not covered
Physiotherapy – minimum 20 procedures per year covered Physiotherapy not covered
Hospitalisation and surgery for any cause up to 90,000 lei per year Hospitalisation or surgery not covered
Hospitalisation for any cause in a state hospital up to RON 250 per day, maximum 30 days Hospitalisation in state institutions is not covered

Frequently asked questions about individual health insurance

1. Who can benefit from health insurance?

Any natural person can apply for a health policy. For this type of policy, the insurer will apply a filter and evaluate the health status of the person. Depending on this criterion, the insurer may or may not accept the client.

2. What is the amount up to which hospitalizations or other services can be settled through a medical insurance?

The maximum amount that can be settled for the medical services offered depends on each individual insurer and package. That’s why, at Leader Team, we have included in our portfolio plans that cover up to 3 million euros per year for hospitalization.

3. What are the medical services offered under private health insurance?

Through Leader Team health insurance, you can have consultations at any type of doctor and clinic, medical investigations, analyses, hospitalization, treatment, psychological and psychiatric services at any authorized clinic in Romania and in the world.

Insurance programs adapted to any type of client