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Leader Team Broker helps companies change their risk profile to improve insurance programs, reduce claims and minimize costs. We develop and implement risk analysis to improve the coverage provided by your existing insurance program, operational risk reduction solutions, and personalized concepts to help protect your business. Along with our global partner, Londongate Group, we have access to effective international tools to support your risk management activities.


  • Existing insurance program audit;
  • Identifying the opportunity to include new insured risks / additional clauses in the existing program
  • Analysis of contracts with third parties, in terms of engaging the company's liability that can be transferred to the insurance market;
  • Visits at risk to customer locations;
  • Elaboration of risk assessment reports for optimal understanding, identification and prioritization of risk management solutions
  • Drafting of risk inspection reports for the placement of the insurance policy;
  • Calibration of your company's real exposure - the ability to set compensation limits, franchises, etc.
  • Developing procedures in line with international standards that allow for a smooth integration into the Company's Risk Management System


Insurance programs adapted to any type of client