EVA, the first virtual health insurance consultant, makes you a personalized offer in 60 seconds

 EVA, the first virtual health insurance consultant, makes you a personalized offer in 60 seconds

Bucharest, September 2, 2020: Leader Team Broker, a key player on the Romanian insurance market, specialized in risk management and distribution of insurance policies, launches the first virtual consultant dedicated to health policies. EVA is the first chatbot in Romania that helps existing and potential clients to decide on the health policy they want – domestic or international and at what cost. In less than 60 seconds from the interaction with EVA, the client receives in chat and email the health offer, customized to his/her needs.

“EVA is the friend of people concerned about their health, who want to quickly find out about the options and costs of a health policy in Romania and abroad. It is the first virtual consultant that provides customized solutions, without the need for human interaction”, said Alexandra Elena Durbacă, Team Leader Broker Chief Executive.

According to the Company’s Chief Executive, EVA can be accessed by any individual from Romania who wants to find out about the terms and conditions of a health insurance policy or who wants to compare the costs and benefits of an insurance policy with those offered by traditional health insurance. The EVA query procedure is easy, the client being able to enter into a dialogue with the virtual consultant both through the Company’s website, www.leaderteam.ro and on the company’s Facebook page.

The interaction with the virtual health insurance consultant complies with the rules in force regarding the protection of personal data, the set of information required to be transmitted by a potential client being minimal.

EVA makes available to the client, within the pilot project that will be carried out by the company in the following months, two health insurance policies offered by two of the Leader Team Broker partner insurance companies. Clients who will be interested in an international insurance policy will receive, with the help of EVA, the AXA policy and those interested in a policy with national coverage will receive a Signal Iduna offer. Offers will be diversified as other insurers offering insurance products agree to enrol in the project.

In less than 60 seconds from filling in the questionnaire online, EVA sends to the client, by email or directly in the conversation window, the firm offer that can be transformed into a contract in less than 24 hours. To complete the contract, a Leader Team Broker consultant will perform with the client the “medical underwriting” procedure (checking for possible pre-existing conditions). The policy is valid for one year, the payment can be quarterly or annual, but can be extended at the client’s request, also exclusively in electronic form (by email). In case of annual payment of the health insurance policy, the client benefits from a discount.

”EVA is the first virtual consultant for health insurance in Romania, the most suitable solution for the present and for the future as the interest of individuals for health products is increasing. At the same time, EVA is part of the business strategy that we, Leader Team Broker, have adopted in recent years, focusing on new, innovative products and solutions for the Romanian market. If EVA proves to be a solution that Romanians will embrace, we do not exclude the possibility of launching such virtual assistants for other categories of products and services in our portfolio“, Răzvan Rusu, founder of Leader Team Broker said.

The company representative considers that the main benefit for the client is the saving of time and the possibility to access the product without any physical interaction. EVA reduces the bidding time for a domestic or international health policy, at least 1000 times, and allows the client to benefit from the insurance in just 24 hours from the conclusion of the policy.

The company expects the interaction with EVA to generate a conversion rate of up to 50%, above the current level and in the first year after launch, the volume of policies concluded with the help of the virtual health insurance consultant will be of 150. For the first three months, Leader Team Broker expects EVA to generate at least 200 offers for people interested in health policies.

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